Why publications in Mass Media are still extremely important especially during the fake-news times.

More and more clients come to PR and Media Agencies, such as Exclusive PR Solutions, for a specific purpose – to earn publications about themselves in mass media. But not everyone understands how to properly leverage such an opportunity.

The media is rightly called the fourth power. Their role in shaping the opinion of a target public company is hard to overestimate. The media is a mirror that reflects the communication work of PR specialists. The mirror, without a doubt, is multifaceted, the possibilities of reflection – the mass – from regional newspapers to central TV channels and the Internet. The media creates the background of our life: it expands our horizons, changes our habits, attracts to the discussion of various problems, forms the public consciousness. And the media continues to evolve, both technically and in content. The general trend of the modern world is that nothing develops faster than the information space and channels for disseminating information.

An expert from Exclusive PR Solutions, Mr. Valentin Saitarli, explained to us in detail why media coverage is so important for everyone to grow fast. Publications in the media primarily allow you to increase your value as an expert. A properly structured article literally allow readers to see what is inside your head. Mass media amplifies your voice and opinion. Articles also increase the fame and credibility of an individual. If a large publication is ready to publish your name, then you are worth it. It can be a bad or a good story, still, it will reflect your position in society. When you are published in print or online publications, you are reminded of who you are. Due to these “touches”, your target audience begins to identify you. It works like a regular advertisement – the more times you are seen, the greater the chance that you will be remembered. Any positive mention gives tremendous benefit and increases confidence.

The purpose of placing publications in the media is to demonstrate systematically and convincingly that you are truly an expert in your business. The choice of the right media is carried out in favor of the channel that your target audience prefers. It makes no sense to publish in Forbes if your audience does not read it. Because you have to be present where your target audience is, and not where you want to be.

The same with television: do you want to see yourself on the CNN, NYT, or maybe LA Times? Why not, but only if there is the audience you need. If CNN’s crowd is opposing you, then it’s not the best choice… Always choose channels in which your target audience is already and willing to hear you now, and not the ones where you want to attract it later.

Almost all industry publications take copyrighted materials: interviews, expert comments, case studies from practice. If you have any fame in the market, then you will be happy and large industry portals. Many such publications on their online portals have the opportunity to make a blog. Both print publications and online portals are ready to work with your author articles, if they are written competently, useful and if they meet the requirements of the editorial board.

Exclusive PR Solutions suggest different strategies for different companies and people. It’s not good just to copy-paste the same approach for every person. Articles provide coverage but do not give you customers. The purpose of their placement in the media is to show that you are truly an expert in your business, and not to sell a product or service. Of course, no one excludes the possibility that the article will somehow help sales. Especially if you work in the B2B market: there are Internet portals in which your articles can attract new customers or investors. But always remember that articles about your work not so much to stimulate sales, but to increase your credibility.

Placing publications on the Internet and materials in print media is a powerful tool to promote your personal brand. Competent PR can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising. If competing advertisers launch similar advertising campaigns, consumers are more likely to take advantage of the advertising offer of the one they are well known and know from the positive side. The close connection between advertising and PR is underscored by the emergence and wide distribution of promotional events at which the target public is offered not only information about the company, but also the opportunity to immediately become its client (or partner).