Tips on Opening a Mall Cell phone Accessories Kiosk

Cell phones are indispensable accessories in everyone’s life. This is why purchasers tend to explore different providers of cell phones when purchasing the model of their preference. One of ways is to look out for a cell phone accessories kiosk.

Anyone can open a good cell phone accessories kiosk if proper planning is done. Potential customers need convenience and customer service. This is perhaps the best way to attract more customers.

Whether you are considering opening a cell phone repair kiosk or an accessories kiosk, here are some tips that can come handy:


Location is the first and foremost thing to take into account when opening a call phone accessories kiosk. Choosing the right location helps you in enhancing the sales. Find a location where there is heavy traffic of potential customers. This can help you to gain a competitive edge. You can visit different malls and work out which location works for you. Consider visiting locations on weekends and weekdays in order to know the potential customers.

Set up the kiosk

Once the location has been decided, it is time to set up your kiosk. This can be done in multiple ways. You need to arrange the shelves and display hooks in an organized manner. This will accommodate all accessories. You will also need to install business phone line, install cash registers and credit card terminals. You can also make the operations more systematic by installing retail software to track sales and employee hours. This will help in setting up the overall stall.

Contact cell phone retailers

This is the essential part of setting up a kiosk. You need to contact these retailers to order cell phones and different accessories. Cell phone market can be researched so that you can provide potential customers with the latest models available. Cell phone accessories comprise of a wide range of things such as headphones, USB cables, batteries, phone covers and screen protectors.

Hire employees

Hiring employees is the next step you need to do. Employees are the ones who will help run your business and kiosk in general. If you do not plan to run the stall by yourself, consider hiring decent number of employees. Some salespeople will work on hourly rates while others can be paid on monthly basis. You should conduct interviews for hiring employees. Make sure employees with good experience are considered with good knowledge of the market and industry. This will help in running the business.

Market your kiosk

This is where customer interaction and attraction comes into play. You can only get good amount of customers if the kiosk and business in general is marketed in an effective manner. Market the business using different tactics. You can either rely on conventional forms of advertisements or adopt digital marketing.

Cell phone accessories kiosk can be a lucrative business only if carried out in the right manner. Above are some ways in which you can achieve this purpose.