Sunil Jagani Explains How to Build a Five Star Customer Experience through AI

Many companies need to update their customer experience to meet new challenges. Customer experience is a vastly important and often underrated aspect of running a business in today’s competitive environment. When companies need to make changes that will keep their businesses current and ensure the best possible customer experience, they turn to artificial intelligence and other new methods of reaching the customer. Currently residing in Malvern, PA, Sunil Jagani, the Chief Technology Officer of AllianceTek, explains the reasons why all companies need to join the trend of artificial intelligence in customer service.

1. Personalized Experience

Through the use of big data, companies are able to fully customize the experience for each of their patrons. For example, visiting a favorite website brings up not only their previous browsing history, but also products that they may like based on their purchase history. This process has become much more advanced in recent years, with big data predicting what people will search for before they themselves have done it. Some customers find this level of customization intrusive, so it pays to regularly survey them about the impact of your policies.

2. Saving Time for Human Interactions

AI can make more time for employees to interact directly with their customers. For example, using an AI chatbot in customer service can free up time for one-on-one interactions. A chatbot can assist people with low-skilled tasks like checking on a business’s hours while more complex questions are referred to a human chat attendant. The human attendants will have more time to spend with each customer when they do not have to respond to every minor question.

3. Enhancing Customer Reviews

An AI-based system can do a much better job of digesting customer surveys than a simple email or web-based form. Working closely with data from a company’s best customers, an AI-based system can parse the surveys and determine the customer trends that best define the experience. These systems can integrate customer browsing data with reported survey information, checking the accuracy of the customer’s comments and determining what is really going on behind the scenes.

4. Fighting Back Against Bots

AI systems are primed to fight back against bots in the customer service experience. For example, ticket-selling companies are often plagued by bots buying a majority of the tickets for an event and then reselling them immediately. When AI systems are deployed, they are able to detect the signs of a bot shopping for tickets and shut this process down. AI verifies customers and takes their interest into account, setting up a system that will allow the customer to purchase tickets in the future. This system preserves the open market for tickets and prevents customers from paying inflated secondhand prices.

5. Reduce Customer Churn

When AI systems are successfully deployed, they can fight back against the circumstances that lead to customer churn or turnover. Existing customers will find that their special needs are met, and new clients will start off on the right foot. AI-based systems can offer the best discounts to each customer based on certain criteria. They can also deal with service-related issues that arise during the customer onboarding process, reducing confusion and making customers more likely to be loyal to the company.

6. Selecting Important Data

When human analysts are confronted with big data, they can find the sheer volume intimidating or impossible to deal with. An AI system can comb through reams of customer data and decide which line items are the most important. Pattern recognition makes it easier for marketing and service personnel to decide which types of data will help to make sales. Integrating AI with marketing makes the process easier to navigate.

AI Helps Businesses

Through the use of thoughtfully designed AI systems, businesses of all kinds have been able to get a handle on their data and present meaningful solutions to their customers. Direct customer contact experiences are enhanced through AI, and sophisticated back-end data processes are possible. Sunil Jagani encourages all businesses to consider enhancing their data systems with AI components.