Product Innovation through Custom Stand Up Pouches

Product packaging has evolved over the years, and the custom stand up pouches are one of the products of such evolution. The birth of stand up pouches is to be able to take into account the efficiency when it comes to product use, factoring in the convenience from purchase to home use. There are already numerous manufacturers who are leaning towards stand up pouch packaging because the ultimate consumers are also preferring to use stand up pouches because it is becoming more economical to use products which are already in stand up pouches.

Thus, when a customer is at a grocery store, such is faced with numerous purchase options from various companies. And as these companies compete for shelf space and recognition from ultimate consumers, there is a chance that your product might be lost from other products of various packaging. So, being able to make use of custom stand up pouches which can easily catch the eye of a customer is very essential.

There is numerous type of products that can make use of stand up pouches but liquids are the more popular when using stand up pouches because it makes it easy for a consumer to use the product directly without having to transfer the product to another container for safekeeping.

A study was conducted which suggested that when a consumer is in the midst of making a purchase decision, such customer make that decision in an average short span of seven seconds. Hence, how your product looks is very important that it must catch the eye of such customers in an instant, and make them want your product with just seven seconds. Your product may be aligned in a sea of other stand up pouches but if you ensure that your product is getting the right design, then you are on a safety net that your sales will not be compromised. Thus, if your packaging is not making any impression during such time frame, then it might be time for you to rethink of your packaging design.

There are five considerations of customer purchase decisions which you can use as an aid when factoring in the product design and product sales –

The product price

The price of your product must show that such price equates to the quality of your product. This is not only showing on the outer aesthetics but on what makes the whole of the item.

The brand recognition

It is also crucial that the customer has an idea of your product and that the customer has a sense of trust with the brand of your product. If you are a newcomer, then it is important that the packaging with reflect a sense of integrity that even when the customer does not know anything about your product yet, such customer can still lean towards purchasing your product.

The presentation of your product

This answers to the question – is your product packaging gives any appeal to the customers and potential buyers? It is important that to be able to maintain if not grow your market share, you must be able to stand out from other packaging designs so that you will always be at the top choices of such consumers.

The colors and emotion of your product

This is important because this makes your packaging convey how a customer will feel when it is checking out your product.

The convenience that your product offers

As you can observe, when products are placed inside a tin can, and it is being arrayed in other product in tins, customers will always tend to choose those which have an easy open metal. This is because will no longer need to use can openers and just easily take off the cap by pulling out the easy open metal. Such is also true with another packaging. If you are using stand up pouches and your product is also aligned to other products with stand up pouch packaging, the customer will also tend to choose those which have re-sealable caps because they will no longer have the need to transfer the contents into another container.

You must be able to have a better understanding when it comes to a customer’s thought process because this will give you more thought when you are creating your product design, thus giving you the chance to have the best possible product packaging.

There can be a mighty influence on a custom stand up pouches when it comes to your product because while any type of packaging may make an effect to customers, using stand up pouches also have their own set of benefits.

So when you decide to represent your brand by using custom stand up pouch, this will also reflect the subconscious level of your customers. Thus, it is important to pay attention to detail, the quality, and of course, the overall presentation of your product to maintain that connection with your customers.

Thus, stand up pouches can resonate the following qualities to your product:

• Innovation

Even though stand up pouches are not relatively new, they can still offer such interesting and innovative choice for product packaging. There are a number of choices in considering the stand up pouch design which can fit perfectly on the functionality of your product. This will give an appeal to your customers that you also take notice on how they really want your product to be, or give them a new perspective with your brand.

• It is focused on quality

The custom stands up pouch style offers flexibility when it comes to retail packaging solutions for your customers. This is because this type of packaging is durable and it keeps the contents inside it fresh.

• It is customer focused

Because of the convenience that a stand up pouch offers, this shows that your company is affectionate with your customers. They can now buy your products and have it on the go without having to worry about the food to spoil. Thus, by choosing to use custom stand up pouch, this creates an impression that you are willing to take a step and consider your customer’s lifestyle and necessities.