Marketing Moves That Can Help A Startup Immensely and Have Great Return On Investment

Startups are not always going to have huge budgets to put toward marketing efforts. For this reason the return on investment could not be more important as a lack of ROI could lead to the cash flow of the business being crippled. For this reason it is important to weigh out the pros and cons of each marketing move using data from previous campaigns. Data is easier to track now than ever as specific technology has been developed to help track things like conversion rates of email marketing campaigns or direct mail marketing. The advantage that smaller companies have is the ability to adapt in a faster way than their larger competition if something is not working. The following are marketing moves that can help a startup immensely while also having a great ROI.

Creating Useful And Thought Provoking Content

Digital marketing is saturated with content but a majority of this content is low quality. The reasoning for this is that the fact that “content is king” has not been embraced by all brands. Larger brands at times would rather post a multitude of average content to see what converts. Spending a bit more on content and creating useful/thought provoking content is far more effective for traffic as well as driving leads. Utilize different types of content as a podcast might be able to draw far more traffic than written content. Podcasting allows a company to get in-depth on certain topics that might otherwise take thousands of words written to fully explain.

Partnering With The Right Nonprofit/Charity

Partnering with a charity of a group that promotes something like that of a group that promotes safety and ethical treatment of animals can be a great PR move. Partnering with a political group can alienate one part of the customer demographic due to identity politics which is so stressed in today’s world. Animals on the other hand are loved by everyone so promoting good treatment of those that do not have a voice for themselves is a perfect fit. Those that produce things that are animal friendly are sure to have support of these types of groups and can even sell their animal friendly products to their members.

Window Displays For Brick And Mortar Retail Businesses

Window displays and graphics can be a huge help for brick and mortar retail businesses. The ability to announce sales without having to spend money on advertising on different platforms is important. For example, a restaurant that can advertise their seasonal specials can attract foot traffic as everyone loves a great deal. For businesses that might be targeted towards children this can be enough to draw the child’s attention leading them to “force” their parent to enter. These graphics also add an element of privacy to a business which can be appealing to customers depending on the services/products the business provides. Whether it is a graphic of a comfortable holistic massage chair or action shot of someone using the newest baseball bat, these graphics are effective.

Expanding Brand Image At An Industry Conference

Conferences have the highest concentration of those in a specific industry than anywhere else. For this reason marketing at a conference can yield the highest ROI as large deals are discussed and closed at these events. When purchasing a booth to showcase products/services it is important to put your best foot forward. People will notice a lack of marketing materials or a lack of preparation on the presentation that staff attending might have. Do not allow a conference to do harm to the brand’s image as it could be a coming out party for a startup which might start a huge upward trajectory business wise.

Investing in the right marketing tactics is important as it will not only bring in sales but it will shape a brand’s image. Take the time to sit down with the marketing team to come up with a strategy for your small business today then create a plan of action to execute!