Engaging customers through animated explainer videos

Video marketing is a broad-spectrum. In it, there is the concept of using animated explainer videos to engage a company’s audience, both online and offline. Here, businesses can choose to engage a professional to create and produce the video or use simplified video creation tools like mysimpleshow.

Some companies have adopted this video marketing technique, particularly animated explainer videos to market their products and services across the markets. And so far, the technique works as it significantly simplifies complex ideas and concepts about a company or product. Consequently, businesses that engage in animated video marketing have recorded a significant increase in sales as well as brand awareness.

Enough with the hype, what is an animated explainer video?

In simple terms, animated explainer videos are short animated videos that can be placed on a company’s website and can also be used to advertise a business or product on mainstream media. Unlike most marketing videos, these particular type tends to be very engaging and is quite responsive. You should know that animated explainer videos are straightforward as they are meant to give a simple, clear but effective message across about a company’s undertakings.

How is this kind of videos produced?

If you choose the longer production method, then several stages will be involved to ensure that a highly converted video is produced. Firstly you will need a highly converting video script written by a highly skilled copywriter. The script must synthesize your sales message or ideas into a 150 or fewer words script that will communicate your message clearly and to the point.

The video script can make or break an animated video, and thus it is of great importance that you understand this concept pretty well. A compelling script ought to summarize your message within a one minute cap- this is the standard duration for most marketing videos. Nevertheless, you can extend your script to cover up for 2 minutes as this is allowable for animated explainer videos. A script with about 150 words will work well in this case.

You have to ensure that your script writer writes content that does not surpass the 1 or so minute video mark. The script in itself has to be engaging in the sense that the target audience will be engaged awesomely when watching it. An essential element that the script must incorporate is a clear call to action that will allow the audience to take a particular action after watching the video.

Once your script is ready, you will need a voice over to put the text into speech. You may use your voice or use someone else’s that will relay your message how you want it and in the best way possible. A professional voice over artist is best recommended as a poorly recorded voice over may send very wrong signals to your audience regardless of how good the script is.

With your voice over ready, you can choose to have a storyboard created to visualize how the video will look like. In this case, you will need a talented artist to illustrate the video through the script and bring your ideas to life. The artists will create the video on a scene by scene basis that will require your approval before the final production commences.

After you have completed all the above stages, you can then proceed to produce the final video. This will involve animating the video to match the voice-over. As you do this, you must ensure that every aspect of the animation reflects the message you intend to pass across.

It’s over!

You now have an animated video, which you can upload to your website or send to a media company for advertisement. Video creation is not as complicated as it sounds, you can alternatively choose to use video creation tools like mysimpleshow as mentioned in the introductory stage to create short but engaging videos. Using these tools is cheaper, simpler and equally effective.