EMERGE App – Best Inventory Management software for Wholesalers & Distributors

If you think inventory management is concerned only with keeping track of raw materials and sales, think again. Inventory control is about managing all the costs assumed by your company. Failing to keep track of these expenses can make or break your business.

Of course, keeping track is easier said than done. Keeping an eye of all your stats is taxing and can yank your attention away from other important facets of your company. This is the reason why EMERGE App was created in the first place. With the right software, keeping tabs on your costs is entirely possible.

EMERGE App intends to give businesses better oversight of their sales and purchasing. This gives businesses the ability to save money by keeping track of the costs associated with doing business.

EMERGE App is a web-based application that gives users a ton of flexibility when keeping tabs on their businesses. Suitable for both large and small companies, EMERGE App comes equipped with a bevy of useful features. What makes this even better is that the app is adaptable to specific users, allowing you to set up accounts for employees whether they work in sales, operations or the accounts department. This way, employees can access the actionable data pertinent to them without overloading them with unnecessary or unusable information.

First Impressions

Signing up for EMERGE App is a breeze. After submitting your email address and company name, users are invited to create a subdomain for their business. Users are also asked to fill out other information such as (i) the industry in which their company operates and (ii) their currency of choice. Upon opening the app, users are greeted by a clean, well-structured layout. The menu items populate the left side of the screen and when clicked, each tool opens to the right.

On first use, the Dashboard invites users to complete company information, list products and suppliers and also to create sales and purchase orders. The Dashboard displays a number of key stats that the user will find helpful. Metrics such as sales, products, inventory tallies and purchase orders are shown prominently.

The Main area also displays information on Customers and Suppliers. For each category, users can create a price list and can also import their own data into the app. The included Products section also gives users the ability to view information on raw materials, services and a few other categories.


Leaving the Main area and heading towards the Operations sections, business owners will be happy to see that EMERGE App gives them new ways to view and understand their data. Under Sales, users can view price quotes and all of their sales orders. The fulfilment section offers a comprehensive view of your purchases and shipments whether traditional or dropshipped. You can also view data on your exchanges and returns.

Inventory Management

EMERGE App helps you to keep track of your inventory including adjustments, Transfers and Stock Takes. However, its Multi-Channel Inventory Management means that you can manage inventory across a number of sales channels such as eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon and more.

Yet, EMERGE App does far more than just manage your inventory. It also allows employees to share and store files as well as collaborate with each other.

Multiple-Currency Support

Does your business operate with a number of different currencies? No problem. The nature of business today means that companies must be prepared to do business in a variety of countries and currencies. EMERGE App is equipped to do just this. The software is able to handle almost every legal currency in the world and adding a new currency type to your system is quick and easy.


EMERGE App wants to make things easier on every department in your organization and, for this reason, the software is easily integrated with your own accounting software. Many business owners will find it convenient that EMERGE App works well with two of the most common accounting software types in use, Xero and QuickBooks Online. Once integrated, EMERGE App will import your sales data.

Cloud-Based Technology

Today, good business practise means having access to your data 24/7. Hard copies are often lost or destroyed and can be a hassle to keep track of. This is why EMERGE App is a cloud-based software allowing you have access to your actionable data at every moment of the day. This convenience allows users the ability to see and respond to trends and make quick adjustments whenever you need to.

B2B Commerce Platform

As if all these features weren’t great enough on their own, EMERGE App also includes a B2B eCommerce platform for free with every account. This feature attempts to streamline the B2B interaction between your wholesale business and your customers (mostly retailers). Therefore instead of the laborious task of ordering goods from your company, the B2B feature will make it easy for your customers to login to their own personalized purchasing account, shop for goods and checkout without any hassle.

This is also a great benefit to you since fewer working hours are spent taking orders from B2B customers. The B2B platform also means that there is a decreased possibility for costly errors. Instead, their orders are automatically reflected as sales orders in the EMERGE App.


At $29.99, EMERGE App is not only affordable, it’s a steal. However, users can pay even less by opting for quarterly, half-yearly or even yearly billing. The last option would mean a savings of over $5 per month when compared to monthly billing.


EMERGE App is a much-needed inventory management application that will change your view of how you handle your sales and orders. While simple enough for smaller businesses, the software is also rugged enough to handle the operations of even large enterprises. With EMERGE App, it’s clear that the focus is on you and your company. Implementing it into your operations will help you keep tabs on your business while also removing much of the stress that comes with running a company.