EB5 Investment Immigration

Apply Green Card from China

If you are an investor, who is looking forward to proceed with your investment activities in United States, EB5 can be considered as the best option available to consider. It is attracting foreign investors who are willing to create jobs for the people in United States.

The main qualification to be eligible via EB5 is to have a total amount of no less than $1 million. However, there are instances where the initial investment amount is reduced up to $500,000, just because there is a high need to create target employments within the country. But you need to make sure that the minimum investment amount is at least $500,000 and it cannot get lower than that.

Understanding the investment immigration process

The process of investment immigration is not a complicated one as you think. As an application, you will not be asked to prove your ability or experience. You don’t even need to live within United States. All you have to do is to venture into your investment projects accordingly. This is a simple and a hassle free process. It is not associated with any long schedules. Therefore, the process is pretty much similar to Green card.

Job creation requirements

There are few job creation requirements associated with EB5 Investment Immigration as well. Hence, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about those requirements. When you start a new business in United States, you should be in a position to provide vacancies for at least 10 full time workers in the workplace. You will need to recruit these 10 employees from United States as well.

The creation of the jobs can take place within a period of two years. In fact, you will be provided with two years within the conditional permanent residency. Hence, you will be able to come to United States and then create the jobs. The jobs that are created via the EB5 Investment Immigration program can be divided into three main categories as direct jobs, indirect jobs and inducted jobs. The direct jobs, are where people are taken directly into the company. The indirect jobs are where the assistance of the people are taken indirectly into the company. When it comes to induced jobs, people will be provided with new job opportunities due to the nature of business that you are doing in United States.

How many people get EB5 Investment Immigration visa every year?

As a potential investor, you must also be interested in getting to know how many individuals get the opportunity to travel to United States and start their businesses with the EB5 Investment Immigration program. The stats in the previous years have been impressive. However, there is a quota for 10,000 investors to go ahead and invest per year. The most surprising fact is that the entire quota of 10,000 has never been met as of now. The program was initiated back in 2005. During that year, only 332 investors were able to come to United States and start their

businesses. Likewise, the number of individuals who are coming to United States via the EB5 Investment Immigration program increased along with time. As of now, around 3,000 people get the opportunity to obtain the visa via EB5 Investment Immigration program per year. However, there is a quota of 10,000. Therefore, you have plenty of opportunities to get in, if all the qualifications are met.

Getting the assistance of investment lawyers

You need to be careful when you are planning for your investment activities in the United States. That’s because there are some grey areas, which you need to be aware of, when moving forward with the investments. Otherwise, there is a high possibility for you to end up with getting rejected. That’s where investment lawyers will be able to assist you with. You can make sure that your application is competent enough to get into the country via EB5 investment immigration procedure.

How can an investment lawyer help you with?

As mentioned earlier, you need to go ahead and seek the assistance of an investment lawyer when you are moving forward with EB5. However, it is better if you can have a clear understanding about the service process offered by a lawyer. Then you will be able to stay informed about the service that you are getting at the end of the day.

1. The lawyer would evaluate your investment project
As the initial step, the investment lawyer would carefully go through your investment project and analyze it. In here, the lawyer will be determining whether your investment is good to move forward with or not. If the lawyer identifies any issues, you will be asked to change them and apply again.

2. Applying for I-526 temporary green card
As the second step, you need to go ahead and apply for the temporary green card. In here, the lawyer would be submitting the I-526 application to USCIS.

3. Submitting the I-485 application
Now the lawyer would submit the I-485 application. If the applicant is living in another country, the investor will be asked to take part in an interview, which will take place in the local embassy.

4. I-829 application for permanent green card
Now you have come to the final step, where the lawyer is applying for permanent green card for the investor and the family members.