Do Your Dad Right – Throw Him a Rad Dad Party!

A rad party is a once in a lifetime festival type get together where people from far and wide are brought together for the experience of a lifetime. It’s a party that you throw for a loved one to show how much you appreciate them. A Rad Dad party is a rad party aimed at Dad to give him a time he will never forget and show how much you love him. Here are a few things to make your Rad Dad party memorable.

Make Sure Everyone that Needs to be There is There

It is critical that you are inviting all the right people for your Rad Dad party. Think about his friends and make sure to focus on and invite the ones that bring back great memories and are up for showing Dad a great time. If he has a strong relationship with them, even if they aren’t into parties, they should be there if possible. It’s important to have a wide range of personalities present to ensure he has the time of his life. This may include bringing in people from out of state or people that he hasn’t seen in a long time. One thing that may be helpful is finding his old Dayrunner with all of his old high school friends in it and give them a call.

Your guest list should also include a set of key players that will make sure things fun smoothly. If you are inviting some rowdy people, make sure you balance that with people that can calm things down if it gets out of hand. Inviting a few non-drinkers (but fun lovers) is also a good idea as they can help make sure things go well. Most will be happy to help in order to show Dad a good time.

Make Sure the Food is Right

Food and drink are an important element of any party and people will expect that to be true at your Rad Dad party as well. So skip the celery and carrot sticks and bring out the real spread for your guests. A key element is to make sure Dad’s favorite foods are there and are plentiful. If Dad has vegan friends make sure you have things that aren’t meat available so they have a good time as well. The best approach may be to have it catered so it fits into all tastes and styles and has a great consistency and quality. Discourage people that want to bring food because you never know what you may get, and bad food at a Rad Dad party is not so rad.

Everyone also has a favorite drink they want, so getting a bartender could help keep up with that demand. Make sure you have the usual beer, wine, vodka, gin and whiskey staples but encourage people to bring their own special booze and mixers if what they prefer isn’t among those common staple items.

It’s also important to have enough tables and seating for everyone. To be sure you may want to purchase them from a reputable event company like CTC Event Furniture who can supply everything you need to anywhere in the country.

Pick the Right Music

Music is the soundtrack of our lives so make sure Dad’s soundtrack is deep and complete. This important step requires some work as you will want to find all Dad’s favorites and then keep them playing during the whole party. You can hire a professional DJ or even have one of your friends do it if they are up to the task. Music services like Apple Music and Spotify have many playlist options to help get you started.

A Rad Dad party is a once in a lifetime event usually so make sure you don’t blow it. Make it something he will always remember and show him just how much you appreciate him being an important part of your life. Party on!