Digital Trends Affecting the eCommerce Online Delivery Business

Long gone are the days when it was an additional advantage for businesses to offer their products online. These days, companies which aren’t cashing in on the online shopping experience are losing potentially thousands of customers and significantly lowering their profit margins. Customers expect to be able to shop online and what’s more, they expect the goods they do order to arrive quickly.

Digital trends are constantly changing and they have a direct impact on the eCommerce online delivery business. Here, we’ll look at which trends are currently affecting the industry.

Next and same day delivery

One of the biggest changes that has occurred in online delivery is the demand for speed. After large retailers introduced next day, followed by same day delivery services, customers have come to expect to receive their items in record speed.

It’s no longer pliable for businesses to offer standard delivery only. Next day delivery from couriers like Parcel2go, have revolutionised the eCommerce industry, setting the standard for all businesses to follow.

Drone and drop-off delivery

The need for speed has caused large retailers to look into new, faster delivery technologies. Currently, Amazon is working on revolutionary drone deliveries which would see drones delivering packages in as little as 30 minutes.

In the meantime, there’s an increase in drop-off deliveries. Services such as click and collect are proving extremely popular, particularly because they tend to be free for the customer. They can simply order their goods, then collect them from a local drop-off point in as little as an hour after ordering.

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity

One of the largest changes in eCommerce has been the rise of mobile shopping. More consumers than ever before are turning to their tablets and smartphones to order the goods they need.

Of course, as customers can now order 24 hours a day, wherever they might be, this has impacted online delivery services. Stores are now allowing customers to order up to 9pm for next day delivery. This means courier services need to be flexible and willing to offer companies 24 hour services.

Overall, these are the main trends currently affecting the online delivery sector. As technology continues to improve, the demand for not just quicker delivery, but cheaper delivery options will also increase. It’s never been more important for businesses to ensure they are offering an efficient, speedy service to ensure customer satisfaction.