DHS investigates racist emails

New York (NY) – The Department of Homeland Security is investigating complaints that one of its employees used its computers to send out racist emails.

It appears that a government e-mail account was used to post racially insensitive comments on a newspaper Web site in western New York.

According to Associated Press, the Wayne County Star ran the comments in June. They were a response to an article about US border patrol agents detaining Mexican farmworkers.

While the comments were made anonymously, the newspaper traced them to IP addresses in the border patrol division of the Department of Homeland Security. Why they decided to pick on one email address from thousands suggests that the journalists were tipped off that someone was sending the posts from a government address.

Department rules bar agents from using work computers to distribute material that insults people based on their national origin. The posts belittled migrant farmworkers which is clearly not an ideal thing for an agency designed to protect the nation’s good to be seen to be doing.