Desperate Pentagon pleads with Wikileaks

As the US government continues to search for a way to take down Wikileaks after it posted thousands of military logs from Afghanistan, the Pentagon has stepped up and just told the owner of the site to “do the right thing.”

Wikileaks is a non-profit website with one goal: to bring as much information to the masses as possible. It wants to get rid of classified barriers and bring out important documents to people around the world.

A nervous Pentagon is worried that among those people are Taliban officials and other US enemies. To them, the fact that six years of military logs in Afghanistan, almost 90,000 logs in total, is dangerous and threatening.

Wikileaks has tipped off that it potentially has tens of thousands of more sensitive documents that were previously kept secret from the public.

The US Armed Forces along with the FBI are heading up a task force to analyze the impact of the Wikileaks data.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assang says the Pentagon’s message of desperation and fear is masking the real motivation behind the massive leak. He says what he wanted to bring to attention were thousands of war crimes being committed, which were exposed in the logs but being covered up by the military.

He called out the military as one of multiple “groups whose abuse we expose attempting to criticise the messenger to distract from the power of the message.”

Adding more fuel to the fire of the Wikileaks “scandal” is a recent revelation that the site actually has ties to Pirate Bay, a highly notorious company that is one of the most prolific sources of pirated content in the world, through affiliation with a mutual third party (Wikileaks is not directly associated with Pirate Bay).

Wikileaks servers are based in Sweden, where the US has no immediate authority. That’s why the Pentagon is issuing a call for the site to take down its documents voluntarily.

I hate to break it to  you, Pentagon, but that’s not gonna happen.