Derek Hurtado – The Online Brand Builder That Stops at Nothing to Help You Succeed

Derek Hurtado is an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a goal to make life easier for everyone involved in the online brand building industry. An ASU graduate, Derek developed a strong passion for helping others from his early high school days and later college years when he was a Lab Assistant and later a Tech Specialist in the Health and Behavior Lab of his university. 

After majoring in Psychology in 2016, Derek decided to invest his care for the health and his interest in medicine in developing an innovative project aimed to increase brand awareness for fitness brands. His startup company Pivotal Point has the remarkable mission of creating strong visual assets for fashion producers that do not receive the same attention as large corporations do.

Through his business endeavor, Derek wants to channel his values and beliefs that human beings can evolve when their lives become purposeful. So far, he is implementing his vision in creating one-of-a-kind marketing strategies for less-known brands of fitness and dynamic movement wearables. His ideas for personal branding include unique validation techniques and high-level management tactics that should deliver companies 10% to 20% more customer engagement on average than his competitors.

Derek Hurtado is a young and bold entrepreneur that does not shy away in the face of adversity. His determination and ambition to succeed have followed him all his life. In 2013, he managed to persuade family members, friends and businesses to fund him with $9,300 to participate in that summer’s Journey of Hope and raise awareness for people living with disabilities.

Derek rode 61 days on a bicycle from Long Beach to the US Capital. His cross-country journey was sprinkled with unique moments and experiences that taught him important life lessons. He also attracted the praise of local communities and earned the prestigious distinction of being included in the Pi Alpha Society of ASU.

Today, Derek uses all of his life and educational experience to help others complete the journey from anonymous brand to established authority in their industries. Through his work at Pivotal Point, he aims to innovate online marketing and deliver unique branding solutions to companies that wish to gain competitive advantages over their peers.

While other branding services sell followers, Derek’s startup offers premium quality user engagement and attractive monetization of the client’s social media activity. Just like he learned from his previous experience in helping others, Derek knows that it is more important to create a long-term, self-sustaining community around a brand than to obtain temporary gains from short-term impact measures.

Working with Derek Hurtado on any project means that you take part in a long-term, fulfilling activity that will bring you more than just increased brand awareness. His passion for helping others is contagious and observable in all the services that Pivotal Point has to offer. Derek will stop at nothing to help you succeed, and his indisputable involvement may be vital for your company growth objectives.

You can contact Derek at:

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