Cyrus Baseghi Shares How to Implement a Repeatable Sales Process

Implementing a repeatable sales process is far easier than you may think, although mastering this aspect of a business is crucial if you want to experience growth. If you can make one sale, you can make many sales, based solely on the fact that the process is repeatable and scalable. If you are unaware as to how you have been making sales in the first place, you are going to be unable to scale your business. Those business owners that pay attention to their sales and refine their skills will have no trouble scaling their business, creating a sales model that is replicable.

Prioritize and Organize your Leads

Many businesses create the vast majority of their sales through leads. Leads are going to represent a group of potential customers that already have some aspect of interest in your product, which means there is a much greater chance that they are going to be willing to make a purchase. It is far more profitable to focus your efforts on leads, rather than simply trying to make sales to the general public. You can think of leads in the same sense that you would think about marketing to a target audience, as you are going to increase your return on investment when working with this category of customers. Keep a list of leads and market to this audience on a consistent basis. Instead of simply working on a lead and letting it go if it doesn’t work out, make multiple attempts to convert on that lead. If you reach out several times to each potential customer that is on your list of leads, you are going to have a much higher conversion rate.

Don’t Come on Too Strong

When you first reach out to a customer, there is going to be a feeling-out process. You should let them know about your product, but you don’t want to be too pushy with the sales pitch. If the first words the customer hears out of your mouth is a sales pitch, there is a very good chance they are going to be turned off by your approach. Most customers have a filter that will automatically shut down anyone that is trying to sell them a product, which happens to a result of the bombardment of advertisements that everyone gets on a daily basis. It is a far better idea to reach out to the customer and establish a level of communication at first. You may want to let them know about a product you are selling, but don’t jump the gun and try to sell them something.

Utilize Feedback

You may have developed a sales pitch that you think is absolutely flawless. The information you are conveying is going to be far more familiar to you, based on the fact that you have created the content yourself. You never really know how the customer is going to digest the information you are putting forth. Furthermore, you really have no conception as to how a customer is going to respond to what you’re bringing to the table. The only way to refine your sales pitch is to use feedback from customers and refine your pitch. You might be surprised by what customers think of your approach, which can wind up having a dramatic effect on your overall sales. Get as much information as you can about any marketing strategy you are utilizing. If you can’t get customers to give you feedback organically, you may want to offer some sort of compensation in return. Getting feedback is a massive investment in your own product, even if it is going to cost you something to get it. Those who invest in feedback are going to have much higher conversion rates, so always make this a priority for your business.

Incentivize the Customer

Regardless of the product or service, you are inevitably going to have customers that are on the fence about doing business with you. This may come from a variety of reasons, but you want to do everything in your power to capitalize on these customers. You can convert on these sales at a much higher rate if you make the decision to incentivize these customers. This may come down to a discount, or a reward of some kind. Offer some sort of additional utility to the customer, as this may be the final thing that convinces a customer to do business with you. Even if you have to sacrifice a few dollars to make a sale, you are inevitably going to be making more money in the long run. It isn’t practical to lose customers who are already on the fence about purchasing your product, based on the fact that you can capitalize on these customers with a little effort. Figure out what is going to provide additional utility to the customer, even if it means paying out a little extra for each sale. You may be able to provide something to the customer that doesn’t even cost you anything out of pocket, which is a perfect scenario for converting additional sales leads.

Hire a Professional

It can be extremely profitable to consult with an outside source to refine your sales leads. Far too many companies attempt to manage all aspects of a business internally, which is a flawed way of doing business. Failing to outsource can lead to a reduction in sales, so you may want to hire someone such as Cyrus Baseghi. Cyrus Baseghi can help you to increase your leads and sales, which may wind up creating a greater stream of profits for your business. Many businesses that decide to go this route find revenue streams that they did not know were possible. Generating sales leads and converting them can be quite difficult in some scenarios, which is why it is so advantageous to work with a professional. While going this route is inevitably going to cost additional revenue, you are more than likely to see a return on investment that makes the expenditure reasonable and profitable.