Couple sues over their slow Vista PC

Chicago (IL) – Buying a PC is not or at least should not be as complicated as it was ten years ago. As a commodity, you would expect your new computer to just work and if it does not, then you can always sue your PC manufacturer, like one couple just did.

I am tempted saying “told you so” in this case. There was plenty of news coverage and technology coverage before the launch of Windows Vista, advising that a Vista PC with only 1 GB of memory and integrated graphics may only provide mediocre performance, if that. Of course, you should research some facts before buying a new computer, but it may be even worse if a PC manufacturer – that should be aware of possible problems before selling an underpowered Vista  notebook – pushes such a product to consumers.

From Computerworld:

“In a lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco last Wednesday, Lora and Clay Wolph said that the Aspire notebook they bought in April 2008 “would not run properly” and would constantly freeze or crash when they tried to run Vista Home Premium. The Aspire 4520-5458 notebook, which the Wolphs purchased for $586 from Wal-Mart, included 1GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 610M integrated graphics chip set, which grabs some of the system memory for its own use.”

The Wolphs argued that there were “serious problems” with the device and they had to spend $157 for another gigabyte of RAM to make the notebook “usable.”

The complaint pretty much follows the points made in the ongoing Vista Capable lawsuit, but, in this case, the manufacturer was sued and charged with breach of warranty, fraud, and violations of California and federal consumer protection laws.

The Wolphs are asking for an unspecified amount of damages and requested class-action status for their case.