Comcast, Wal-Mart favored to win "worst company" contest’s fifth annual “Worst Company in America” tournament is on, with cable provider Comcast as one of the top seeds among competitors like Best Buy, Apple, and HP.

Wal-Mart and Bank of America are also among the top-seeded names. The Consumerist, which is regarded as the top online destination for people to share horror stories at companies throughout the country, first started the “Worst Company” competition in 2006. 2009’s timely “winner” was financial giant AIG, and the year before that Countrywide Financial earned the title of “Worst Company in America”. Editors at the consumer-focused editorial site have their eyes on Comcast. “We are all curious to see whether Comcast finally clinches the title after being runner-up for the last few years,” said co-managing editor Ben Popken. The competition is currently at the “sweet 16” point of a March Madness-style bracket. The next match-ups will be: Bank of America vs. Wal-Mart Cash4Gold vs. Best Buy Time Warner Cable vs. HP PayPal vs. US Airways Capital One vs. Ticketmaster Unites Airlines vs. Comcast Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield vs. GM AT&T vs. Apple “Winners” are determined by votes cast by Consumerist readers every week. Viewers can track the competition on Consumerist’s contest page