4 Main Everyday Causes of Data Loss

Uh-oh. You’ve been up late trying to get that assignment completed before it comes due in the morning. It’s meant you’ve been quietly tapping away at your computer keyboard as you churn out another masterpiece for the sales department. You’ve done this so many times that you can just slip into “The Zone” and whirl away at pounding out something new and fresh without a problem. Well, that was until you hit one key with the butt of your coffee cup and the entire system crashed. Panic slowly sets in. You don’t have the time for a do-over and you didn’t save or backup anything related to this project on a thumb drive or any other tool you can refer back to. You are now in need of expert data recovery services.

Well, as it turns out, as expensive as the term ‘data recovery services’ may sound, you are missing the point. What value would you put on that sales presentation you just lost when your laptop just died? Sure, there are some files we can probably live without but there are other examples of when you need the services of an expert. That’s when data recovery costs should not be the hurdle between saving important files and accepting the fact that sometimes electronics fail. But when do you really need to turn to a professional to dig out those files that you can’t otherwise access? Here are a few examples:

Human Error

Our example above is all about that. Don’t kick yourself for hitting the wrong button or forgetting to do a backup. It happens. That’s because we’re human and not machines. However, whatever file you deem as important can still be saved and it may take an expert to fish it out of a place in your hard drive that typically data recovery software can’t touch. So there is no need to panic just because your computer has eaten your files. Chances are they have not been chewed or digested which makes recovery easy for a professional.

Natural Disasters

Whether you are in business or not, a natural disaster can cause damage to more than your physical property. Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can destroy computer systems and bring your business to a standstill long after the insurance claims have been paid. With the demand on electronic pay services and all other forms of IT that big and small businesses employ in today’s economy, a natural disaster can cripple the part of your business you may rely on more than you realize. Data such as inventory, client information, payroll and beyond can be saved with professional data recovery services.


Then there are the new age internet thieves who are forever inventing ways to snag and steal pieces of your personal and business data. A good data recovery service can show you how to better protect that information and what to do if you suspect there has been a breach of any kind. Then you also have the risks associated with the types of software and viruses that your data may come in contact with. Cyber attacks are a reality these days. If you happen to have sensitive information stored somewhere in your system and it gets compromised in any way you may require the services of a professional. Ransomware would be the most common practice to lock your personal files with a tough to break encryption and later extort thousands of dollars to get it unlocked. A reliable data recovery service provider, in some cases, may be able to help.

The Unexpected

The computer tower you have sitting on the floor next to your home office workstation just happened to be attractive enough to cause your young child to feed the disk drive a bowl full of baby food. The dog grabs your mouse cord and runs outside with your laptop still attached and jumps into a kiddie pool with it. Your house is next door to a major blaze and in an effort to put out the fire the fire department sprays over your house. Your home suffers severe water damage as a result and your computer station on the second floor is soaking wet. You can’t plan for any of these kinds of incidents but your data can still be recovered in most cases without much of a problem.

Not Using Data Recovery Costs You More

Maybe the kid down the street has some pretty good computer knowledge but chances are good that he won’t know precisely how to save that hard drive that is dripping in oil after you knocked it off of your workbench. You need the services of a highly trained professional who can not only clean up the mess your computer is in, they have the tools and skills that can guide them deep into your computer’s brains and pull out the files you thought you had lost forever. Data recovery prices are based on individual circumstances because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all data recovery. Sure, some are easier than others but each requires times and patience.

Don’t Throw Away Your Computer, Just Yet

Just because you can’t seem to locate those files that disappeared after your hard drive crashed doesn’t mean all is lost. Data recovery is a specialized service that can produce some incredible results. Thought the only copies of those wedding photos were gone forever after the dog chewed the camera card? Worried that all those documents you saved related to a project you’ve been working on for the past year were wiped out? With data recovery services you may discover that what you thought was gone was just hiding in a place that only a professional could gain access to. Don’t erase your hard drive or reformat it. Contact a data recovery service today for more information on what really is lurking on your hard drive that you were sure was gone forever.