Canadians finally getting Netflix, eh?

Call in the Mounties because Canada is about to get flooded with something that heretofore has only been available in the United States of America – Netflix instant streaming.

Even though they are just a few miles away, our cousins to the north have been slighted by US-based digital video services. Digital download venues like the PS3 and Xbox 360 video stores, Vudu, and Amazon Video on Demand had been notorious for blocking Canadian users from their services because of complicated legal issues.

Even as Hulu begins to offer a premium Hulu Plus service in the US, Canadians still can’t access regular Hulu, not even if they want to watch a special about Canadian maple pie.

It certainly wasn’t an easy process for Netflix. The company has been in business for 10 years and is just now able to expand beyond the US border. The new expansion will only apply to streaming videos; Canadians will still not be able to participate in Netflix’s DVD-by-mail program.

All of the programs are currently only available in English, but French language options will be rolld out “over time,” according to Netflix’s statement. Canada’s dual-language provision has been one of the biggest hassles for digital video providers.

Netflix currently has 13 million active subscribers in the US, where unlimited streaming video fees begin at $8.99 per month. However, that includes the ability to rent DVDs through the mail. Netflix did not announce pricing details for its upcoming Canadian service.

With cheap prescription drugs AND Netflix streaming, Canada is now looking like a pretty nice place to live.