California city may put mugshots on Facebook

The entire point of mugshots is basically to publicly embarrass the criminal for committing an illegal act. And if a California city has its way, that level of public humiliation will reach a whole new level.

Huntington Beach officials are currently considering whether or not to post mugshots of anyone who gets arrested for driving under the influence, on Facebook.

City councilman Devin Dwyer is headlining the proposal, saying it could be a way to make the streets and city residents safer.

“If it takes shaming people to save lives, I am willing to do it. I’m hoping it prevents others from getting behind the wheel and getting inebriated,” said Dwyer.

His original plan was to post mugshots to Facebook for everyone who was charged with a DUI, but after some pushback he’s now fighting to do the same only for repeat offenders.

Huntington Beach was ranked #1 in alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2009 in California. 195 people were killed or injured as the result of a drunk driver, and Dwyer wants that number to go way down.

There’s bound to be criticism on both sides. Some say it’s invading privacy a bit too much, almost like sending out people for a public lynching. But others would say if you get behind the wheel while intoxicated more than once, there’s no level of embarrassment too obtrusive to take.

The initiative will go up for voting at the city council soon.