Buy a cheap refurbished phone and save the earth

So there I was holding my trusted Apple iPhone 5 – smashed to smithereens. I need a phone like I need air and doughnuts.

I want something cheap and the choices are mind boggling Iphone 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 even an X J then you have the Samsung Galaxys same numbers S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 Plus edges big or small.

This will take me a lifetime or two just to figure out what I need. This is where I came across refurbished , Used or Second Hand Phones and this website These phones have any faulty parts replaced , Data wiped and then are sold with a 12 Month warranty.

Theres various conditions of the phone as taken from their website under FAQs

Refurbished Grades

Excellent’ or Grade A. The device should be in very good condition. If there are signs of use (if any) these must represent minute scuffs that cannot be seen from 12 inches away.

Good’ A device considered to be in good condition by technicians with only slight signs of use. No deep scratches on screen with minor/minimal scuffs limited to the casing

Average’ A device that you would expect to show signs of average usage but no cracks or missing parts.

Devices with conditions outside of the above will have explicit details in description AtHandtec we offer an easy 14 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. Money back or a replacement device – you choose.”

It was friendly to use and they provide live support. Even better was that they provide free delivery to the USA , Europe and the UK.

After a quick chat with Handtec’s live chat they recommended the refurbished Apple iphone 7 plus 256GB just shy of $600.

Now remember that’s no contract and no tie-ins Sim free and Unlocked to any network. I can just pop in my sim and off I go.

The phone arrived within a staggering 24hrs and the condition was amazing. I had to go for the rose gold as it matches my eyes J. I have always been an apple fan just like how everything seems to work well together.

If used phones can come In this quality then im a fan for life – I mean why pay the extra 60% and its barely a year old. They also have even the latest models like unlocked iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 also refurbished and very cheap.

They sell accessories too but I opted for one at my local store as in the rush I had forgot to order the case. Im keeping this baby in a case made of steel.

Theres many benefits of buying a refurbished or pre-owned phone apart from it being cheaper. We have a huge issue with waste and pollution. Our water ways are full with plastics and dangerous materials. By buying a recycled phone we are doing our bit to make sure that these do not end up in landfills.

I noticed Handtec also do a buy back scheme so in reality I can use this phone sell it back to them they will fix and refurbish it and sell it on – now that has to be good for the environment.

If any of you folks are interested make sure you check out

They had a big stock sellout and are expecting a whole new lot in very soon. Happy Buying X.

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