The Ultimate Tool For Agency To Find Clients And Marketers To Find Agencies

Ad World Masters, a platform aiming to connect agencies and marketers, is solving a 2-sided problem by simplifying the agency search and helping agencies to find new clients.

With today’s reality and fast-changing technological and business ecosystem, clients and marketers are collaborating with more and more agencies simultaneously, segmenting budget and looking for the specific skills or expertise they have no option but to find outside.

Agency reviews happen more often and collaboration tends to shrink in time and budget, which also means for agencies the need to renew their client base more often. According to a HubSpot agency growth report, 60% of agencies interviewed mentioned ‘Finding new clients’ as the main pain point in developing their agency.

Surprisingly, finding an agency is as much of a struggle for clients as finding clients is for an agency, as there is no central place to look for them. Many marketers nowadays rely on Google, on peers’ recommendations, and on consultancy services. These may work, but not all the time.

With the mission to solve these problems and to propose an alternative for agency search, Ad World Masters created the first worldwide agency ranking powered by AI!

An easily identifiable score ranks agencies from 0 to 10 based on a growing database of agencies. ADWM AI algorithms use over 160 parameters to score agencies, allowing marketers to cut through the noise in the blink of an eye and quickly identify good agencies.

The score is also a mark of trust for agencies which complements their story by showing their value on a global scale to current and potential clients.

Marketers and agencies are often looking for what they call the ‘right fit’ or ‘chemistry’ between the brand and the agency. Which indeed is an important part of business success for both sides. Particularly important for long-term relationships, it remains important for marketers to get what they need from their agency from the very start, even for short-term collaborations. However, it is no surprise to say that the agency market is highly diversified. A report from Up To The Light has found that 52% of marketers interviewed believed that websites of agencies failed to communicate the agency difference, which altogether are some of the reasons that make looking for the ideal agency candidates a challenging task.

Marketers can easily search the growing database of nearly 6,000 agencies referenced on Ad World Masters using advanced filters and find agencies that best answer their business needs or possess the specific skill needed for their next project.

It usually takes businesses of under 500 employees over 2 months to hire a new agency, and even longer for larger businesses. Ad World Masters hopes to dramatically shorten this time and accelerate new collaboration between agencies and marketers by giving marketers access to an unprecedented amount of data about agencies in one central place, making the agency search not only a whole lot simpler, faster, and more precise, but also free.

Agencies were not forgotten either. In fact, an extensive set of features has been designed to help agencies promote themselves and secure new business opportunities.

Agencies can claim and register their agencies, invite their clients to add reviews, and obviously make their agency easily discoverable by marketers who are looking to hire a new agency. All of this is accessible at no cost.

Premium features, available for €300/year for a limited time (€1000/year regular price), allow agencies to access detailed statistics about their agency, including profile visits and shortlists, and see the contacts details of the marketers interested in their agency. Agencies actively prospecting can then easily start a conversation with them about their business needs.

Premium subscribers have access to more data about their score and can get insight on the areas that need improvement.

Agencies subscribing to premium can also showcase their score with a Live Badge that can be embedded on their website or anywhere else that allows embedded HTML.

Additionally, agencies can promote their business by using the built-in advertising system, with advertising packages starting at €50.

Whichever side of the business you are – if you are looking for an agency or want to grow your agency – Ad World Masters is the site to consider and definitely worth look into.

Indeed, currently in beta, the platform promises to bring more features in the coming months, with an increasing number of agencies.

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