Technology and Business: How Armand Peri Wielded Today’s Technology for Financial Success

Where would we be today without the Internet? It’s hard to imagine a life, that not too long ago, was a reality for people worldwide in which we had to pick up landline phones to make calls and “catch up.” When the Internet came onto the scene during the 1990s, the future of the world changed forever. Acting as the foundation against which the entire world operates today, from mom and shop bookstores to multinational corporations, the Internet is the most valuable asset we are leveraging as human beings as you read this.

This ephemeral entity has gone onto shape our communications, commerce, entertainment, information gain, and even our personal relationships through the slew of social media apps that eat up our phone data. Now as we embark on the discovery and dissemination of artificial intelligence, an entire capability within the Internet, we’re considering technology that can potentially think for itself.

The Internet has solved problems, brought people together, cured diseases, and launched businesses. But, although it’s been around for about 2-decades now, it is still being underwhelming utilized for financial success. Armand Peri wants people across the world to realize the potential of this free and accessible commodity.

From Rags to Riches, Thanks to Technology

Armand Peri, a classic immigrant turned into American business mogul story, has managed to spread his business empire across a variety of unrelated industries; all thanks to technology. While his story is not one of overnight success, it is one that pays testament to the winning combination of persistence mixed with a willingness to leverage technology in a beneficial way.

Armand didn’t start out with a silver spoon in his mouth. He barely spoke English at age 12 when his parents abruptly moved him from Portugal to Newark, New Jersey. Laying there every night in a heat-less apartment, shoved into one room with his siblings, Armand went out there and began to work his way up the food chain. He accepted work any chance he got at a local bakery, catching public transportation and enduring long commutes just to earn a buck. Kids at school noticed, and mocked Armand for his tenacity, and not to mention, his racial background.

But, with an innate desire to succeed and rise above the adversity, no matter what, Armand soldiered on. He wanted a financially secured life that would afford him the peace of mind his parents never had.

Decades ago, when no one else was concerned with technology, Armand was determined to use this new accessible tool in a way that would set him apart from the competition. Amid his dozens of ventures, investments, and artistic endeavors, Armand really used technology to understand, research, and launch a nightlife entertainment business that you have probably heard of: Hunk-O-Mania. Armand learned he could access any piece of information he wanted, directly through the Internet; the rest was history.

Simultaneously, Armand began leveraging this information in real estate investments, fixing up his first multi-family home and netting $100,000 on the sale. With the funds, he bought 3 more homes, and began the process all over again. Scaling to apartment buildings and then commercial real estate, coupled with his Hunk-O-Mania success, Armand achieved a fruitful life of financial stability that he had always desired.

He says it’s entirely thanks to the Internet – and persistence. He lives in New Jersey today, with most of his holdings in New York. He uses sites like regularly to research commercial real estate properties, as well as other up-and-coming investment regions that are mused about online before they become a reality.

Considering at age 12, Armand was nothing more than a Portuguese immigrant with no understanding of English, that’s a pretty incredible story. Armand wants everyone to know this is possible for them, if they go out there and embrace the Internet. Most importantly, these people need to realize their potential to reach these goals. The secret combination is what will launch them to fame and fortune.

Armand’s 5 Tips for Undisputed Financial Success

So how can one realize their goals like Armand Peri has all these years? Armand says there’s a burning desire deep in his soul that propels him forward, even when his parents told him to relax all those years ago. But there are tips that can help anyone develop a habitual pattern of success. Check out Armand’s tips below:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Set Goals: Too many people are afraid to set goals because they think they are “impossible.” Armand agrees that any kind of goal, short term or long term, holds people accountable to their dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. Starting small will keep the goals within reach, while also helping the person to develop a habit of working towards something.
  2. Stay Organized: Armand works towards his “massive action plan” on a daily basis. How are you going to advance from one point unto the next? What steps are you going to take in the middle? You need to sit down right now and really draw everything out. Seeing it down on paper, burned into your brain, will get you more motivated. You’ll realize a means to the end.
  3. Effective Time Management: Time is a scarce commodity; and it can be fleeting if we don’t approach it correctly. Everyone has 24-hours in a day, says Armand. How one uses that time is up to them. Avoid time-wasters and things that zap your energy, as well as distractions.
  4. Stay Positive: Negativity is always going to find you, especially if you are doing something other people are noticing. It’s up to you to remain positive, no matter what the critics throw at you. No matter how hard things might seem today, Armand says to never give up. You are going to get past it, and you are going to feel better than ever on the other side.
  5. Care About More Than Money: Although financial gain is the ultimate end goal, adding value to the world is what’s going to nourish your soul at night. If you don’t add value to the world, Armand says you will never succeed. Never think short term in a business sense; always envision the long term end game and the value you are going to create along the way.

You know what’s absolutely amazing about this story? Both the Internet and investing in your growth as an individual are FREE! So get out there and use technology to your goal-setting advantage, just like Armand Peri has for decades.