Zuckerberg’s wealth more than doubles in a year

Mark Zuckerberg is now richer than Steve Jobs, according to the Forbes 400 List of People to Tap for a Loan till Pay Day, with a personal fortune of $6.9 billion compared to Jobs’ paltry $6.1 billion.

And he gives away more to charity, rather annoyingly, given that the film The Social Network has made him the man we all love to hate. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal reports that he’s about to donate $100 million to the Newark public school system, presumably in the hope that a better education will lead to fewer university dropouts like him.

Zuckerberg’s wealth rose fastest of anybody on the list, shooting up by 245 percent.His ranking has soared over the last year from 135th on the Forbes 400 list to 35th, thanks mainly to some canny private equity deals that boosted Facebook’s value.

Two other Facebookers entered the list this year. Dustin Moskovitz – who left Facebook in 2008 but still has a stake – came in at number 290 and is now worth $1.4 billion. At 26, he’s eight days younger than Zuckerberg and now the youngest on the list. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin also squeezes in at number 356 with $1.15 billion.

Not surprisingly, Bill Gates still tops the list as America’s richest man, making a round $4 billion last year to bring his net worth up to $54 billion. Investor Warren Buffet follows with $45 billion, and Oracle’s Larry Ellison remains in third place with $27 billion.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin share 11th place – very cosy – with $15 billion each. Steve Ballmer and Michael Dell both slipped a couple of places on the list to 15th and 16th place respectively.