Yelp adds new "hipster" description to restaurants and hot spots

Today on Twitter, a friend griped that her favorite brunch place was officially labeled as “hipster” on social recommendation website, Yelp. HIPSTER?

Is this really a rating similar to “romantic” or “upscale?” It’s true. Yelp has added a new label to its rating system that lets users label local joints hipstertastic.

But what does this mean? A place labeled hipster could mean that the only beer on tap actually comes in a can and is called Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Or maybe it means no Wayfarer Ray-Bans, no service. Or maybe it could mean the place is crawling with the less cool version of the standard hipster.

You know, the ones wearing the boat shoes, a bowtie, and perhaps a bowler hat. 

Regardless, of how exactly you define “hipster,” it does give a rather accurate description of the type of place you will walk into.

For example, if you’re headed to what you think may be a dive bar for some good old Bon Jovi and cheap beer, you may actually be walking into a hipster dive bar.

These are two very different things. 

Walking into a hipster dive bar may mean the music will just stop and you might just be asked to leave if you request good old BoJo’s “Shot through the Heart.”

So Yelpsters beware, before you venture off to a local joint, either make sure it is or is not labeled as hipster depending on your personal preference. But then again, everyone needs a little Pabst Blue Ribbon in their lives once in a while.