Yahoo trims out the dead wood

Yahoo’s believed to be planning to shut down half a dozen of its services, including AltaVista and Delicious, following the announcement of nearly 600 layoffs.

The rumor comes courtesy of a screenshot from a company presentation that’s been circulating on the web since yesterday. It was apparently posted by Eric Marcoullier, a former Yahoo employee and founder of MyBlogLog, one of the doomed services.

The popular Delicious bookmarking tool allows users to save, manage and share links, and was acquired by Yahoo five years ago.

The AltaVista search engine did pretty well in the late 1990s, but was soon eclipsed by Google. Yahoo decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and last year struck a deal with Microsoft under which Yahoo searches would be powered by Bing. This summer, the company announced that it had completed the switch for all its US and Canadian searches.

Also due for the chop, according to the slide, are search site AllTheWeb, news aggregation service Buzz, Yahoo Picks and the MyBlogLog social network. Others, listed for merger rather than closure, include Fire Eagle, Upcoming, Sideline, FoxyTunes, Yahoo Events, and Yahoo People Search.

Yahoo Alerts and Yahoo Calendar, on the other hand, are listed under ‘feature’, indicating that they may be set for a bit of a marketing push.

The closures make sense – most of these apps have been dead in the water for years and aren’t integrated with the rest of the company’s services.