Windows 7 veep quits after being overlooked

Bill Veghte, a 19-year veteran at Microsoft, is quitting the company after another exec was chosen to run the Windows division.


Veghte will leave the software giant at the end of the month, according to an announcement on the company’s Web site.

As a veep in the Windows group, Veghte played a major role in the launch of Windows 7, alongside Steven Sinofsky, who was given the job of President of the Windows Division last summer.

At the time, Microsoft said that Veghte would move into a new role to be revealed at the end of last year – an announcement which never came.

Naturally, as always happens in these situations, MS CEO Steve Ballmer was fulsome in his praise for the departing Veghte, referring to him as having been instrumental in the delivery and launch of Windows 7 and helping the company to reenergize the Windows franchise.

As yet, there is no indication of where Veghte might pop up next. Watch this space.