What do You Do when Your Abusive Husband Refuses to Accept A Divorce Proposal?

Husbands should not abuse their wives, at least, we are in 2018. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. If you think about all the future possible inconveniences in divorcing an abusive husband: the financial difficulties, emotional strains, the legal implications of your divorce proposal, a cumbersome legal process, and what to do with children (if you have some), you will probably break down. Your best bet? To go for an expert legal advice that will help you weather the storm and stand out for what is your own right – and Petroske Law has what it takes to make your dreams come true. But as a person ready to go for a divorce, you need to be prepared yourself. This is how?

Make sure your finances are secured

Abusers would do anything to prevent you from a divorce case. The first thing you will need is a stable financial inflow. If you are sharing a bank account, open one for yourself now. Get your own credit card, change your PIN if possible, and make sure that all tracks that can lead to your finances being discovered are covered – we are not telling you to steal. We are telling you to make sure that what belongs to you is kept intact.

You will need evidence

How, when, and where were you ever abused? Without proof, you are not getting anywhere – remember the court isn’t your mom’s house. Evidence might come in the form of photographs of abuse, documented evidence, including text messages, letters, and emails, as well as eyewitnesses. These would be used as evidence to grant your divorce request. Gathering evidence in a professional manner shouldn’t be the work of an amateur but a professional legal practitioner who will guide you through the entire process.

You can file an abuse report

After gathering evidence, you can leave your husband. But before that, it’s always imperative to ensure that all issues are reported to the authorities, either the police or a domestic violence unit in your vicinity. This would be part of the evidence that would be used against your contender in court.

Take charge of the children

In an abusive-related divorce, it is good to take charge of the children. In doing so, the appropriate authorities have to be consulted to know how arrangements should be made. Evidence of abuse should be presented. In such a case, it is extremely important to consult the best legal practitioners vested in divorce and family life issues.

The most important thing – an excellent divorce team

Though you might end up succeeding in all your endeavors, everything ends up in the courtroom. Without the best team – witnesses, lawyers, and family & friends, things would not go well. This team, especially your legal team, will guide you through issues of housing, children, finances, and personal safety.

At Petrokse Law, we have the best, industry-centered, and experienced legal practitioners who have proceedings of the court at their fingertips and can offer you excellent services and get you out of your predicaments. Our surfaces are second to none and our knowledge of what goes on in the law courts surpasses the average man in the industry. Whenever you need legal advice on issues of family, divorce, and marriage issues, you can always rely on us.