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US DOJ and ICE seize additional domains

The US DOJ (Department of Justice) and ICE (Homeland Security) have moved to seize a number of domains, including Rojadirecta.org – a popular sports streaming and P2P site.

It is unclear why the (obviously clueless) Obama administration targeted Rojadirecta, as two Spanish courts recently ruled the site was operating legally, without breaching copyright laws.

Indeed, Rojadirecta doesn’t host any copyrighted material, but rather, indexes HTTP links to pre-existing sports streams located elsewhere and provides links to .torrent files hosted on other sites.

Unsurprisingly, US authorities neatly (and rudely) bypassed the domain registrar when they executed the seizure order.

“We [were definitely] not notified. [And based on] Go Daddy [logs] they have not touched anything,” Rojadirecta’s Igor Seoane told TorrentFreak.

“In our opinion the US authorities are completely despising the Spanish justice system and sovereignty.”

Fortunately, Rojadirecta can still be accessed via rojadirecta.com, rojadirecta.es, rojadirecta.me and rojadirecta.in.

Other sports-related domains unceremoniously seized this week by DOJ & ICE include:

  • Channelsurfing.net
  • Atdhe.net
  • Firstrow.net
  • Ilemi.com