TSA groping hits new lows

A TSA agent recently told an airline passenger that he had to “go into” his waistband and put a hand “down [his] pants.”

According to radio host Owen JJ Stone, the agent did exactly that.

Stone also told InfoWars that the agent pulled a hand out of his sweat pants waistband before patting his backside and crotch.

Meanwhile, a 54-year-old Missouri City man claims to have experienced similar treatment while passing through a security checkpoint at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale Airport.

“I was wearing shorts at the time – between the underwear, right on the skin, all the way around the back, all the way around my front, 360 degrees, touched inappropriately,” said Thomas Mollman.

Unsurprisingly, KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy told InfoWars that Mollman was clearly assaulted by federal agents.

“This was an assault. This was no different than a sexual assault,” Androphy insisted.