Teenager used Facebook for sex blackmail

A Wisconsin teenager is facing 15 years in jail after being convicted of using Facebook to blackmail dozens of classmates into sex.

It’s possibly not the best punishment in the world – it won’t remove temptation, at any rate – given that the lad is gay.

According to the Associated Press, during 2007, nineteen-year-old Anthony Stancl set up a fake Facebook account for a non-existent teenage girl. He used this to trick more than 30 male classmates into sending him naked photographs of themselves.

His alter ego – Kayla – then told his victims that if the refused to have sex with a male friend, then he would post the pictures on the internet. He filmed some of the assaults on his cellphone.

A collection of 300 photos of underage males, some as young as 15, were found on his computer.

Stancl first came under police scrutiny after issuing a bomb threat that temporarily closed New Berlin High School.

Sentencing, Waukesha County Circuit Judge J Mac Davis said Stancl had shown he was manipulative, excessively self-centered and could still be dangerous.