Sony, Philips get wrists slapped very lightly over storage monopoly

Sony, Philips and a third firm, Taiyo Yuden, have received a not very severe ticking off for behaving monopolistically in the recordable media market.

Sony got fined NT$1 million ($30,739), Philips NT3.5 million ($107,586.37) and Japanese firm Taiyo Yuden NT$500,000 ($15,369) by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission, the Taipei Times reports.

Taiwanese makers of CD-R complained that royalties on CD-R were too high and that they refused to give information about royalty expiry dates and technological details.

The FTC confirmed that the three companies behaved monopolistically in 2001, although legal wranglings meant the case was up in the air until the FTC made its ruling yesterday.

It’s doubtful that such feeble fines are going to make Sony or Philips regret their actions in the slightest.  The Taipei Times is here.