Skype launches new iPhone app with improved TV calling

Today Skype launched its version 3.0.1 iPhone app, which gives users video calling capabilities on a TV with more devices that support the app.

What’s cool about the new and improved app is that users can Skype their friends and have conversations in the middle of the living room on a large screen TV! No more huddling around a tiny laptop. With the new feature, it’s all about the group experience.

That said, users must have a Skype compatible TV, but luckily Skype announced more TVs compatible with the new iPhone app, Skype 3.0.1.

Skype isn’t the first company to offer video calling, as more Internet TV services venture into the realm like Google TV and Qik. 

With all the buzz around Internet TV, it’s only a matter of time until video calling in the living room becomes the norm. That said, the technology still has some limitations as it’s not available on all TV models.