Serial Facebook scammer fined $873M

The Quebec Superior Court has ordered a serial Facebook spammer to pay the popular social networking site a whopping $873 million.

The ruling effectively upholds an earlier decision by a US court that fined Adam Guerbuez $100 for each of the 4,366,386 spam messages (about marijuana and erectile dysfunction drugs) he sent in 2008.

As expected, the pimpin’ Spam King remains utterly unrepentant.

Yes, that’s right. Guerbuez has posted videos of himself chillin’ in California’s exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood, frolicking in the Cayman Islands and chowing down at Nobu’s.

Of course, Facebook is unlikely to receive any money from the defiant Guerbuez, who filed for bankruptcy immediately after the ruling.

Smart move on his part, but it doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Clearly, declaring bankruptcy means never having to say you’re sorry – even if you have been living high on the friggin’ hog for years.