Semiconductors to bound back next year

Two things aren’t going to go away unless there’s a world wide catastrophe – semiconductors and the internet.

Gartner has started to believe this too. According to a report it issued today, chip revenue will in 2010 will reach $255 billion – around the same figure the market generated until the credit crunch crunched everything.

According to research analyst Bryan Lewis, all the indications are that DRAM, NAND, and microprocessors are all pointing to a recovery in the semiconductor market.

In other words, PCs are driving the comeback – sales of the machines have shown a dramatic recovery. In 2009, DRAM and X86 microprocessors are pointing the way to a recovery

But Gartner, being analysts, have hedged bets a little by saying that while most of the news has been positive, it thinks that chatting to Taiwanese manufacturers shows that PC sales are slowing.

Most informed opinion believes that while the semiconductor market is back on track, it won’t happen until around August of 2010.

But, as we said, semiconductors and the internet are not going to go away any time soon.

Barring a global catastrophe.