School start up seeks money for German market

Mentor presented its pitch to find two million Euro to launch in Germany to a bunch of VCs here at the Etre conference in Paris.

Vilborg Einarsdottir said the mission of Mentor is to provide knowledge, solutions and services for continuous school improvement. The company was first founded in Iceland in 2000, and has a 90 percent market share there. In 2007 it merged with a Swedish company and Einarsdotter said that the company is set to move into the German speaking markets.

Mentor has 30 employees,  supports over 900 schools in four countries and estimates its future growth to be 30 percent a year.

Einarsdotter said: “We’re working on kids working on different assignments and different goals and moving into individual learning.”

The Mentor system is fully web based – InfoMentor with headmasters, pupils, teachers and parents logging into the system.

The cost per pupil is around one Euro.