Samsung boss pardoned

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

The erstwhile chairman of Samsung, Lee Kun-hee has been pardoned by the South Korean government in further evidence that the bosses of the so-call ‘chaebol’ group of family-owned industrial giants are effectively above the law.

Lee is one of the country’s richest and most influential businessmen and the government said the move was in order that he could resume his duties in securing the Olympics for South Korea.

Lee had stepped down from the role after he was found to be conniving to allow his children to take a greater stake in Samsung’s parent company and to hand over ultimate control to his son.

He was also sentenced to three years for tax evasion totalling $39 million.

“This decision was made so that Lee could take back his place at the International Olympic Committee and form a better situation for the 2018 Winter Olympics to take place in Pyongchang,” Justice Minister Lee Kwi-nam said in a statement following the cabinet meeting that approved Lee’s pardon.