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Rumor: Microsoft takes on Facebook & Google for a piece of Skype

After postponing an initial IPO earlier this year, Skype has attracted new potential partners or buyers such as Facebook, Google, and now… Microsoft?

Reports surfaced last week stating that both Google and Facebook were interested in putting money towards the VOIP company. This week Gigaom reported rumors about Microsoft wanting a piece of the Skype action.

According to Gigaom’s sources, rumor has it that Microsoft could be in talks with Skype for “partnering with, acquiring or investing” in the company.

Last week, TG Daily reported Facebook had been in talks with Skype about purchasing the corporation, or at the very least creating a partnership joint venture. The same story reported Google was also in talks with Skype about a possible purchase or partnership.

Although reports cite that both Facebook and Google’s talkers were considered preliminary, the source claims a major deal will be announced by Skype sometime this week, “perhaps as soon as Monday.”

Sources added, “Corporate attorneys and other senior managers are burning the midnight oil this weekend, ahead of some kind of announcement.”

Skype is currently valued at $3 billion to $4 billion with its IPO expected to raise about $1 billion. Investment from any of three sites would offer Skype a significant cushion while waiting for IPO.

As of last week, sources were unclear about which company Skype favored, but if Gigaom’s report is accurate, perhaps Microsoft is farther along in the process than either Google or Facebook.