Rumor: Facebook finally headed to China

Could it be true? Is Facebook really heading to China?

It just may be, at least, according to a report by Hu Yanping, which claims Facebook has signed a deal to build a new social networking site in the country.

However, the rumored future social networking will not be integrated with the company’s flagship website.

Meanwhile, Marbridge Consulting seemed to confirm Hu Yanping’s report, pointing to “multiple industry sources” claiming the online search giant Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) was the ‘local Chinese Internet company’ working with Facebook and operating a new SNS website in China.

It should be noted that earlier rumors also hinted of  a possible partnership with Chinese company Sina, but Chinese blogger Bill Bishop recently tweeted “Hu Yanping just replied 2 me on weibo that alleged Facebook China JV partner is NOT Sina.”

No word yet exactly how Facebook China will differ from the typical Facebook experience in countries that do not censor content.

(Via Tech Rice