Report: Amazon prepping Kal-El powered tablet

Amazon is reportedly prepping a high-end tablet – dubbed “Hollywood” – that will be powered by Nvidia’s upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor.

According to BGR, Amazon also plans to release an entry level, Tegra 2-powered tablet codenamed “Coyote.”

Kal-El, which is approximately 5x faster than the dual-core Tegra 2, was announced at Mobile World Congress in February and is likely to hit the shelves by the end of 2011. 

Although the rumor has yet to be officially confirmed, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently hinted tablets are afoot and in the works.

In an interview with Consumer Reports earlier this week, Bezos said to “stay tuned” for tablet news.

Unsurprisingly, the CEO wouldn’t confirm or deny plans for a tablet, but took special care to note that such a device would never replace Amazon’s line of dedicated Kindle eBook readers.

“We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device,” said Bezos. “In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer.”

Other Internet rumors claim that Amazon could be co-designing the tablet with Samsung.

Perhaps the Amazon tablet will be somewhat like the Barnes & Nobles Nook Color, a $249 tablet with an e-reading focus.

Then again, considering the processors and power rumored to be integrated into Amazon’s potential tablets, Coyote and Hollywood might be designed more for intense computing and to support services like Amazon Instant Video, Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.