Rambus loses patent battle against Nvidia

The USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) has rejected all 17 claims for three Rambus patents that the company had asserted against Nvidia in the International Trade Commission (ITC).

The disputed patents reportedly involve memory controllers related to graphics processors.

“This continues our string of victories against Rambus patents in the USPTO,” said Nvidia general counsel David Shannon. “We believe these patents are invalid and are confident that a similar decision will be made on the patents that continue to be examined.”

According to Shannon, eight claims for two other patents involved in the case have yet to be determined. However, the USPTO has already “preliminarily” rejected the claims submitted by Rambus.

Unsurprisingly, Rambus responded to the ruling by claiming that the disputed patents were still “enforceable.”

“The patents remain valid and enforceable as originally issued until the reexamination proceedings are concluded, including all appeals,” Rambus said in an official statement obtained by Reuters.

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