R.E.M. and Moby want an open Internet

What do R.E.M., Moby, Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash and Bonnie Raitt have in common? I mean, besides the obvious fact that they are all aging rockers, of course.

Well, all have signed a letter to the FCC written in conjunction with MoveOn.org that presses the Commission to preserve a free and open Internet.

According to the artists, the Internet has facilitated a virtual “explosion” of creativity and commerce, while offering unprecedented opportunities to musicians and industry entrepreneurs.

“Due to [its] open structure, musicians and other creators and innovators can compete on an equal technological playing field with the biggest companies,” the above-mentioned celebrities explained in the MoveOn letter which was obtained by the Huffington Post.

“[Of course], none of this could have happened without Net Neutrality – the principle that protects the open Internet. That’s why we support efforts to preserve Net Neutrality for the benefit of innovation and free expression – and urge the FCC to act immediately to ensure that the Internet is kept free and open.”

The MoveOn signatories also urged the Commission to apply the “core principles” of Net Neutrality to “any and all” broadband points of access, including the rapidly expanding wireless space.

“We encourage you to consider the perspectives of musicians, who depend on an open Internet to compete in a crucial marketplace and express ourselves creatively.

“[As such,] we will continue to support the Commission on the road to achieving clear and enforceable rules of the road for the Internet for the benefit of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and the public. 

“[Clearly], we believe that [true] Net Neutrality is the best and only way to ensure that the future [of musicians and music entrepreneurs] remains bright.”