Plurk accuses Microsoft of lifting code

Canadian startup Plurk has rejected Microsoft’s apology for copying its site and said it is now considering taking legal action against the software giant.

In a statement on the company’s blog, Alvin Woon, a co-founder, said: “The event wasn’t just a simple matter of merely lifting code. Due to the nature of the uniqueness of our product and user interface, it took a good amount of deliberate studying and digging through our code with the full intention of replication our product user experience, functionality and end results.”

Microsoft heavily promoted its Chinese Juku site with “its big marketing budget”, Plurk alleged.

The statement said that the two year old smartup has a tiny amount of people working on it. “We play the fair game hoping that, like many young entrepreneurs out there, to someday help solve other people’s problems and grow our little company.”

Plurk alleges Microsoft accepts responsibility but not accountability. It’s considering the legal options available to it.

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