Nvidia taunts Intel with cartoon parody site

Graphics firm Nvidia appears to have decided to develop a sense of humor and mock the mighty Intel with a web site it appears to sponsor called intelsinsides. If it is an Nvidia site, that is.

The site purports to be “a parody of events occurring within the semiconductor sector, with particular focus on its largest, and most commented upon competitor”.

For the last few days the site has posted cartoons intended to show Intel in a bad light.

One, for example, has a cartoon of what looks like Marlon Brando in the Godfather but with a name place marked Otellini, saying to his associates: “We’ll make them a microprocessor offer they can’t refuse.”

Another has a picture of someone who looks something like Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, sitting on a pile of dynamite sticks and wired to a timer labelled Larrabee captioned: “Here at Intel, we are all about tick-tick execution, we are an execution machine. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”

The site has an Nvidia logo on the bottom of each page, but a search on whois.org doesn’t reveal who the registrar of the domain is.

Intel is notoriously litigious – particularly about sites which have the letters i+n+t+e+l in them.