Now Al Gore is defending the Internet

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is calling on the public – yes, you – to “defend the Internet” from greedy corporate interests and clueless shills.


“Do not let it be controlled by governments or by large corporations,” a shameless Gore loudly proclaimed at the Campus Party Brazil earlier this week.

“[Because] the Internet is a network of people.”

Yes, thank you Al “Manbearpig” Gore for stating the obvious.

Ah, well, it seems as if Gore has taken time off from his busy global warming warning schedule to launch yet another campaign.

All for the people, of course.

I mean, it isn’t as if Gore gets paid actual money to fly around the world and preach – dragging his enormous carbon footprint along with him.

Oh, wait. Yes, yes, he does. What a sweet deal.

Can I have some of that, pleeease?

But I digress.

Anyway, as Sara Jerome of The Hill points out, Gore’s remarks suggest support for two distinct policies: net neutrality and Internet freedom.

Both admirable beliefs, to be sure. Still, I’m not sure Al Gore is believable as an anti-censorship spokesperson.

Really, does he think we forgot all about the lovely Tipper (no, not Ronnie the Gipper – Tipper) and her Parents Music Resource Center? Yeah, the very same woman who Frank Zappa termed a “cultural terrorist,” for trying to censor music she found offensive. 

So, listen Al. We’re kinda tired of your moralizing and preaching. 

So, here’s a video that expresses how we feel about hypocrisy, phoniness (thank you, Holden Caulfield), and good ol’ fashioned arrogance.

Rock on Dee, rock on!