Nokia pulls down flag in two US stores

Finnish giant Nokia is to shutter two flagship stores in the USA and close one in London, England too.

The US stores that are for the chop in the USA are in Chicago and New York City, but Nokia is claiming that the reason for shutting them down are because most phones in the USA are sold through carriers.

That’s likely a spurious reason – stores like this are more marketing shopfronts than true retail outlets.

The company had a total of 12 flagship stores before the move. Nokia has less than 10 percent market share in the USA but holds a 40 percent market share worldwide.

In recent weeks, Nokia has trimmed its R&D staff worldwide.

At the Etre conference in Paris earlier this year, Oli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s CEO, shrugged off competition from the Apple iPhone and the RIM BlackBerry family.