Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo sued by a number

A Canadian company filed a suit in a Delaware district court, alleging that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft breached patents it owns.

Eleven Engineering, based in Edmonton, Canada, said it is a global leader in digital wireless technologies – supplying component and semiconductors to electronics companies.

Eleven said it owns US patents 6,238,289; 6,346,047 and 6,684,062 – entitled Radio Frequency Game Controller, Radio Frequency Remote Game Controller and Wireless Game Control System.

Sony infringes its patents on the Playstation 3, alleges Eleven. Nintendo infringes its patents on the Wii, Eleven contends. Microsoft, claims Eleven, infringes its patents on the Xbox 360.

Eleven said Microsoft has had business contacts and dealings with it, is familiar with its business and its patent rights, and had knowledge of the 047 patent.

“Even after receiving the actual notice of the asserted patents and its applicability to its business, Microsoft has failed to take necessary steps to avoid infringement of the asserted patents. Instead, Microsoft has continued to infringe the asserted patents in an objectively reckless manner,” the filing says.

Eleven wants the case to go to a jury trial and is seeking damages against the three defendants.