Microsoft loses next round in i4i patent case

Microsoft has lost its appeal against a court judgement that found it guilty of infringing i4i patents.

Last August, it was ordered to pay $290 million in damages to the canadian company and remove its XML mark-up language technology from its Office software suite.

The patent describes a way to manipulate the architecture and content of a document without the need for document-encoding technology.

Microsoft appealed immediately, but has been doing as it’s told. However, in its appeal, it argued that the injunction would inflict ‘irreparable harm’ on the company and its partners.

The appeal judges agreed with the original ruling, saying there was evidence that Microsoft know its technology infringed i4i patents.

You can’t say that Microsoft’s giving up lightly – this is its second appeal against the decision, and it isn’t throwing in the towel yet.

The decision is to come under review again by a dozen other appeal judges some time in the next six weeks – and even if that fails, Microsoft can take it all the way to the Supreme Court.