Lawyers get cross over fake Intel CPU reports

Two tech sites have received ‘cease and desist’ letters after reporting that online retailer Newegg was inadvertently supplying counterfeit Intel chips to customers.

HardOCP  was contacted by a reader who said that he ordered a Core i7-920, but found it was a fake – and one certainly hopes that Intel can spell a little better than whoever made the packaging. The blank instruction booklet was a little unusual as well.

There’s a YouTube video showing one of the units being unpacked, here.

The story was picked up by Icrontic, which suggested that the processors had been supplied by D&H Distributing.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly comment.


Anyway, D&H really isn’t happy about the reports, and has given a barrowload of cash to lawyers Creim Macias Koenig & Frey to tell the two sites so on  good-quality paper.

Their feelings are really, really hurt, it seems.

“You have no basis for publishing these false and malicious statements about D & H,” reads the letter. “These false allegations are defamatory and disparaging to D&H”s business and business relations and have caused grave and irreparable damage to our client.”

The only way to stop the tears is for the sites to take down the story, publish an apology and send them a packet of jelly babies.

Anyway, Newegg is shipping replacements to the 300-odd customers that  bought the utterly, utterly genuine chips.