Is Larry Ellison stalking Leo Apotheker?

Oracle’s Larry Ellison is reportedly hot on the trail of Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker.

Indeed, Ellison has apparently hired private investigators to track down the ever-elusive HP chief.

According to Reuters, Ellison believes that testimony by the former SAP leader will help Oracle claim approximately $4 billion in damages for software theft.

Unsurprisingly, Oracle is having little luck in subpoenaing the enigmatic Apotheker, as HP is refusing to accept the court order on the grounds that Ellison is doing little more than harassing the newly-appointed CEO.

“The interest in Mr. Apotheker on the part of Mr. Ellison only happened recently, as a result of Leo’s appointment to run HP,” a SAP spokesman told Reuters.

“That recent interest speaks volumes about why it’s important to them. The question is, does that at all have anything to do with this case?”