Hacker defies Sony, says will keep on coding

Graf_Chokolo’s residence may have been recently raided by the police, but the hacker refuses to be intimidated by Sony’s rather draconian crackdown against PS3 jailbreakers and modders.

“If you want me to stop then you should just kill me because I cannot live without programming, HV and Linux kernel hacking. You know who am I and where I live, so come and get me,” Chokolo wrote in a blog post quoted by LinuxServer

The talented hacker also confirmed that German security forces had confiscated all of his equipment, leaving him without a PC or Internet access. 

Still, Chokolo remains relatively optimistic, noting that he managed to sleep quite well over the past two days, considering the situation.

“I don’t know how to explain this feeling but I don’t care about those threats with jail and high money penalties, btw, SONY wants about 750,000 euros from me if I don’t cooperate,” he explained.

“They don’t know me at all I don’t care about it and they might double it. The higher the sum, the higher gets my motivation. [Really], they don’t understand what makes me tick. Money and even my life doesn’t mean to me very much without knowledge.”

Chokolo emphasized that without HV, Linux and FreeBSD kernel, his life was “meaningless.”

“I miss my HV terribly In the last 2 days I got so ‘hungry’ for more knowledge that I cannot control it anymore. I need knowledge and research, it has a huge meaning in my life. Jail or even death cannot hold it back anymore.

“Sony’s lawyer asked me why I’m doing what I’m doing. [Is it] because of my hatred for Sony? He cannot understand why I’m doing it, because he is paid for what he does. I’m not. I don’t hold a grudge against Sony even now. Hatred clouds your mind, keeps you from more important things. I have a better use for my mind and knowledge.”

Chokolo concluded by noting that Sony had effectively failed “again,” as his mind was still free and could not be controlled by the Japanese-based corporation. 

“[Yes], you took my equipment but they are just tools, i can get new ones and will continue my HV reversing and bringing back PS3 Linux which you took from us. 

“If you want me to stop then you should just kill me because i cannot live without programming, HV and Linux kernel hacking.”